March 30th, 2011 poem- necklace of pearl

you asked me if i wanted a necklace of pearl

nothings to good for daddys little girl
i said yes all excited as i ran away
not knowing what i agreed to that day
waiting patiently to get in the car
wondering if the drive would be far
i like to find shapes in the clouds
and listen to the music really loud
but what he said wasnt what he meant
on that day no money would be spent
from the door he calls my name
asking if i was ready to play a game
taking my hand leading the way
now the skies just turn to gray
you asked again if i wanted a necklace of pearl
i said yes cuz im daddys little girl
but why are we not leaving in the car
he said baby we not going that far
just down the hall and thru that door
be a good girl and sit on the floor
he already bought it – it must be a surprise
after all i am a child and he is so wise
oh the familiar sound as i turn my head
not again daddy that is what you said
what about the necklace you promised today
its ok baby girl just do what i say
the necklace is hereĀ i promise
but first you must give daddy a kiss
oh not there little one place it on my lips
please daddy you’re hurting my hips
you’re holding me way to tight
please daddy this isnt right
take it baby hold it in your hand
but daddy its not a necklace i dont understand
do what i tell you to do
and theres a necklace of pearl just for you
i hate this part why cant he just stop
i dont like what it does when it goes pop
here it comes baby that necklace of pearl
just something special for daddys girl
what happens next was no surprise
i see it coming and just close my eyes
only this time it wasnt on my face
it hung from my neck like some disgrace
a necklace of pearl just for me
but one the world will never see

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