March 31st, 2011 poems – series of 3

The worst part are his eyes
They seem to have no soul
As they probe over my flesh
I wish that I was dead

What right does he have
To steal my innocence away
Im now forever tainted
By the stroke of his hand

I cant feel close to anyone
I push them all aside
The terrible things he has done
Are to sick for me to say

Hes an inhuman devil
Whos created a hell on earth
He treats me like a slave
To his every deviant whim

He makes me feel so filthy
I cant scrub off his stench
The pain that I am feeling
Only ends when I am dead


the devil slept in her bed that night
he broke the glass walls and dismissed
the declared sanctity of her
drunken soul and stole her innocence
he used the sins of others to justify the punishment
she received in this nightmare
the redness of his evil presence covered her wings
and kept her from flight
the restraint of his power broke
as he destroyed her esteem and faith
his force penetrated her space
and caused her life to change
the residue he left behind
cannot be scrubbed off
despite all efforts
the threats and screams
destroy her ears smash her brain crush her existence
she can never correct that night
if only she were able to sense
she could have avoided sleep at all costs
the earthquake he caused in her room
brought no help no one was there
to protect her
the spots on her face
bled as he thrusted his sinful desire
he becomes the eternal epitome of her encapsulation
he leaves and gathers the splinters of the glass
to build up a false enclosure
her blood seeps past it but goes unaware

Outside it is dark and cloudy
The roof does not protect me but
Instead it lets the rain in
Daddy sings a song to me and I say my
Doesnt seem like God is listening
Doesnt seem to ever stop
Maybe I dont pray right and maybe
Daddy should stop his song
Stop stop just fucking stop
God why wont you make him stop

Outside the rain is slowing
It is all ending now but
Inside it is still storming and
I am crying dying
Slowly dying inside all alone

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