April 3rd, 2011 poem – the tree
higher and higher are the branches deeper and deeper go the roots
of the tree i climb to get away from his touch
desperation and despair push me upward as he takes hold of my foot
i fight with all i have but his grip becomes to much
scratches on my face scrapes on my legs and arms
over his shoulder i go
carrying me away to that place where he does such shameful harm
i close my eyes cuz i dont want to know
whats coming next for me is not anything new
he takes what he wants
its like watching history repeat itself with your own personal view
close off the mind shut down the pain
disconnect from the body
feeling it will only deepen the shame
hurting me is his only hobby
the joy he feels becomes my utter disgrace
even now im dead inside
as tears unwillingly slide down my face
i realize theres no more places left to hide

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