April 9th, 2011 poem – living dead

theres a hole in my soul

where bitterness and anger only grows

deeper and deeper goes the hole

will there ever be a bottom i dont know
this pain reaches new depths
and climbs to new heights
all these secrets can no longer be kept
this pain wants to come to light
the photo album of my soul
stirs up memories
so big and oh so bold
things noone else will ever see
yes i live but part of me died
what you see is not who i am
i smile but theres no feelingĀ inside
whats i am is nothing more than a scam
i cant be real in front of you
besides in that moment
you couldnt handle the truth
i have to fight the urge
i must do my best to surpress
these bad feelings i want to purge
into my mind i mustnt regress
or dive into memories
best left unsaid
so dont you see
ill never be more than the living dead

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