April 9th, 2011 poem silence heard

Spoken into silence
and emptiness again
The words echo off my wall
into loneliness and shame
The stillness of my being
awoken from my sleep
Finding darkness in my soul
lonely tears I weep
Empty words of innocence
of cruelty and of shame
Crying out into the night
into loneliness again
Painful memories so deep
and emptiness I’ve known
I reach for understanding
just to find that I’m alone
Desperate cries in silence
never letting go
Wounds so deep inside me
the pain and death I only know
Sadness has engulfed me
bitter to the end
Pieces of my innocence
shattered by a so called friend
Inside – my trust for them is lost
he took that from me
And in this world of brokenness
there’s nothing left in me

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