April 9th, 2011 some poetry
Lying there staring into nothing
Choked by the thick darkness
A deathly silence fills the air
Filled with dread and anticipation
I play dead
Then a sound sets off a bomb in my head
Slow heavy steps rising from the deep
makes my heart skip a beat
I cant move
I cant breathe
My heart starts pounding
Im scared  but for what
Its not like he is going to stop
The footsteps get closer
Two dark shadows close in
I retreat and set the raven free
They lean over me
I try to scream
But no sound comes out
Now its her voice
That silences the shout
I dont do it for you
I do it for me
I dont do it to show I hate you
Because I dont
I hate me
Sometimes it hurts so much inside
That I have to know Im really alive
When I feel the pain
Of the blade crossing my skin
It feels good to know
That I can still feel
It brings the pain from inside
To the surface for me to see
I dont do it to hurt you
I do it to hurt me

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