April 10th, 2011 poetry – feel something

she should feel somethingShe watches movies, prays, listens to music that should remind her of gods love.She reads his word in search for answers.Why doesn’t she feel loved?Why doesn’t she feel worth it?She lives her life in darkness searching for the light, which she cant fine.No one knows the real herThey don’t know how broken she is InsideThey look at her face and they see a woman who is falling deeper into darkness that she cant escape.She cant talk to people about how she feelsShe tries to write it but to much anger that she cant seem to get it out.She tries to draw it but she cant pick up the pencil anymore.So she waits in darkness all alone.While the world turns against her.Her family ignores her.Her friends leave her.People use her.All she can do is wait in the silence of her pain.When inside shes screaming for love, for hope, for something more then this.But shes alone sitting in the silence of her pain.They don’t know the real her.The one who still wants her life to end.Who cant walk away from a razor blade when things go wrong.The woman who looks in the mirror and wishes she was someone else.They cant see the real her.They cant see her cry herself to non existant sleepThey cant see all the scars inside and out screaming for peace.They refuse to see the real her.All they can see is what she appears to be.

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